Amenity Access

Q: How do I request new pool credentials, or have my existing credentials re-activated?

A: Please click HERE to request new pool credentials or to have your pool credentials from last year reactivated.  

NOTE:  If you already have a key from last year, and you just need to have it activated for 2023 pool access, please do not select the option for a new key.  Instead, choose the option to reactivate an existing key and provide your key number.  Asking for a new key will result in a charge to your account.  

Q : Where is my pool located? 

A : 12308 Dwight Eisenhower St., Manor, TX  78653

Q: Do I need to submit a waiver for 2023 Access? 

A: Yes, a new request for 2023 must be completed for swim access, even if you already have pool credentials. Click HERE to complete your request. 

Q: How do I pay for my pool credentials? 

A: Any charges will be billed to your HOA account. Click HERE to pay for any applicable charges. 

NOTE:  Charges will not be reflected on your account until your request has been processed and finalized.